It’s my daughter’s birthday!

September 28, 2009 at 11:35 am (My musings)

She’s nine years old today, happy birthday my darling!

Gosh, it’s going too fast. I still remember giving birth to her a month early, and her cute little inquisitive face, pursing her lips like a little princess. It’s hard to imagine how one day she can be this beautiful, tiny little newborn, and the next, a beautiful young girl, cruising through grade three with extremely high marks. She is so creative, imaginative, and so helpful and kind. She’s also got a kick arse sense of humour!

I look back at how quickly it’s all gone by, and I know the next few years will fly even faster, and before I know it, she’ll be a teen, with a whole new set of experiences! I just want to put a brick on her head, and make her stop growing for at least a day..

I also wish I would get better at making birthday cakes really quickly, and our bloody oven would just work! After running around after my 18 month old and my three year old (who was feeling sick today), it was only after dinner tonight that I got a chance to bake my darling a birthday cake! Eep.

I found a recipe for just a basic vanilla cake, and realised I’d chucked out all our cake tins! Argh. Maybe it’s time to stop being quite so ruthless when I declutter… So, I grabbed a pyrex oven bake dish, doubled the batter, shoved it quickly into the oven. After the oven turned off too many times, and I’d re-lit it (cursing under my breath so the little ones wouldn’t learn some new words they shouldn’t), I produced a very long, flat cake! Oh, for god’s sake!!

I was really starting to feel bad for my princess, having such a crappy cake. Then I remembered the cake I destoyed in 2007. It was a heart-shaped cake, and of course, I broke it in half getting it out of the pan. Yeah, I really don’t have much luck with cakes… I glued it back together with chocolate icing, then covered it all over with icing, then poured 100’s and 1000’s all over it. All the kids informed my daughter, ‘your mum makes the BEST cakes ever!’

So, just as I was about to throw a tantrum on the kitchen floor and scream about how much I suck at birthday cakes, I kept this chocolate heart cake in mind, and decided to just cheat my way through it. So I cut the long, flat, dry thing in half, quickly cooked a raspberry syrup on the stove top (this is why I am never without berries of every type in my freezer), poured the syrup in as a sandwich-type filling, quickly iced it, shoved some blueberries on top, then poured more syrup on top of that.

The verdict from the little ones?
‘Best cake ever!’

The moral? We may truly suck, but in the eyes of a child, we ROCK!

Here’s the cake:

I still think it looks bloody awful, but you can see my son in the background, gasping in awe. It did taste good, too.



  1. fortheloveofcupcakes said,

    OMG she is the CUTEST 9 year old I’ve seen in a long time! and the cake…I just melted..looks so great!

  2. petitemum said,

    Thanks! We think she is cute too, but it’s that old ‘we’re biased’ cliche, isn’t it? Good to hear what others think of my cake. lol

  3. Narelle said,

    Happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter! I know what you mean about cakes, I usually let my DH do them lol. We had the same problem with throwing out all our cake tins too! Got so many when we got married that we decided to sell some on ebay…and then discovered that we only had one left in the cupboard!

  4. petitemum said,

    Oh gosh, I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who goes through this! lol

  5. Norrie said,

    Happy birthday to your daughter! That cake sounds delish! A much more impressive effort than my rediculous attempt at a frog cake for my 2 year old.

  6. petitemum said,

    Thanks, Norrie! Good on you for trying a frog though, you’re way braver than I am LOL

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